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"Thanks Jason for the great job and of delivering on what you said you would, 100%.  In an age where sometimes words are not always the truth, you differ,  and came through on your word. You made a run to Lowe's on your time, and we also appreciated that customer service . Thanks also for checking on other issues we had and answering our questions. You are a breath of fresh air!"
- Nancy C.

"I appreciate that he made time to come when he was very busy. Thank goodness he found the problem quickly. 1/2 of my light went out. Turned out it was a loose wire in one of the outlets."
- Pam M.

"Anderholm Electric is simply the best. I can't recommend them enough after the great work Jason and his team did on upgrading the patchwork electrical setup at our new home in Guerneville. He was transparent about the costs for the work to be done and honest about what we could keep as is - no unnecessary attempts at upselling.  Jason was incredibly communicative in real time and together we were able to make decisions that he could act upon while on site. He was even honest about an overpayment after going over his end-of-year accounting well after the work at our place was completed. Anderholm Electric is now our go-to for anything and everything electrical."
- Benny B.

"Needed a EV charger install. Who are you going to call? Anderholm of course! Called Sat. Got back to me on Mon. because they are closed weekends, installed Tuesday morning and cleaned up. Competitively priced and now looking for Anderholm to do the rest of my electrical work. Check out my new Juice Box in the pic."
- James C.

"I called on Jason Anderholm Electric to help me with a ceiling fan that was not functioning in my office building, and he sent out 2 angels to help me, Matt & Alex! They arrived on time and quickly assessed that the interior of the ceiling fan was destroyed because the board that received the remote signal had failed and leaked all over things (something they had never seen before).

Since I'm a super busy professional and didn't have time to go shopping for a ceiling fan, they offered to go to Home Depot for me. They quickly returned with a great fan (I'm a design snob so I described wanting something "modern, not fussy" and they found the perfect one!) then installed it right away! I can't tell you how much stress it took off of me to just have these guys deal with the whole problem! They were awesome and Matt is a confident/take charge, problem-solver kind of guy who knows his trade well! Plus he reset a circuit breaker on our electrical panel that had been tripped for who-knows-how-long. Great guy!"

- Lucas C.

"We hired Jason and his guys to bring power to the front of our house to wire some new steps. They were (amazingly!!!) available to work the next day. Despite a few hiccups (it was raining, they hit & then repaired my water pipe) the job was done in 1/2 a day and looks damn good.

They'll be back to install the lights and I feel like I'd bring them in again for any electrical work.

Good job, gentlemen!"

- Jessica F.

"Jason and his team are fantastic. I contracted with him to update my panel to 200amps and remove the existing stab loc breakers.

Jason gave me an upfront estimate with variables depending on what the permit process would allow.
The only reason that we had any delays was because of the recent fires and linemen having to cancel, which was because of the fires as well.

Their work was clean and detailed. He even took the time to caulk and rework some wood trim elements to match the existing exteriors. That really solidified my opinion of his attention to detail.

Jason takes pride in his work and is a genuinely fun guy to chat with. He was very patient with all my questions and explained all the choices and cable routes.

Overall I'd give him 6 stars if I could."

- Drew F.
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